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The Founder, Marsha Spencer began her career in education by teaching children with learning disabilities. She also had an interest in real estate. With that said, she obtained her real estate license in the early 70’s. Also in the early 70’s, Marsha transformed a real estate school formally know as Jim Tucker & Co. to what is now known as Spencer School of Real Estate. In 1987, Marsha was appointed by the Texas Governor for a six year term on the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). In 1988, Marsha was named Realtor of the year. In 1989, she was elected and served as the President/Chairman to the most prestigious real estate association in the country, HAR (Houston Association of Realtors). She was also the recipient of the Steel Magnolia Award for business excellence. Marsha Spencer was honored by Task Force 2000 as one of the leading business women in Houston. Given her extensive resume, Marsha believed that although technology has evolved in every industry, it’s great classroom instruction and real world experience that make a difference in the preparation for a successful real estate career. In 1998, Marsha Spencer sought out an entirely different career and sold Spencer School of Real Estate to a group of Investors. In 1999, Sierra Schools Inc. doing business as Spencer School of Real Estate was born. Sierra Schools, now known as Spencer School of Real Estate, used the same Instructors. Linda Robicheaux, the new Owner/President, of Sierra Schools Inc, doing business as Spencer School of Real Estate believed in the same principles as Marsha Spencer. Linda Robicheaux continued to carry the Spencer School of Real Estate name and tradition, which is putting the student’s education first! Linda played an integral part in developing the Texas Savings and Loan Department's mortgage licensing program for Loan Originators and Mortgage Brokers/Bankers in the state of Texas. It was after that experience, that Linda decided she would make education a full time career. Just like Marsha, Linda’s passion was to teach and mentor real estate professionals and Loan Originators throughout the state of Texas. January 2012, the torch was passed to Bobby Bryant. He is now the current Owner/President of Spencer School of Real Estate. Like Marsha Spencer, Bobby began his career in education. He acquired two Masters Degrees in Education before he turned thirty (30) years old. His first Masters Degree was in Special Education and his second Masters Degree is in Educational Administration (Principal). Bobby has an extensive back ground in education, speaking, mortgage brokerage, and currently owns a real estate brokerage firm. His vision for the real estate industry and passion for education is his driving force behind revitalizing homeownership in America. Bobby’s vision is for Spencer School of Real Estate is to provide superior classroom instruction that results in a high passing rate for new Realtors and a practical continuing educational experience for existing Agents and Mortgage Professionals. Bobby Bryant represents in every facet, the future of real estate! With over 15 years of experience in mortgage and loan origination, he will combine education and real estate in new, exciting ways that will propel Spencer School of Real Estate into the 21st century and help grow Real Estate and Loan Officer education in Houston!

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